ArtApp is an inter-disciplinary project that promotes the exchange and confrontation between all art forms. It establishes an international dialogue between cultures with the aim of collaborating for social equity, protecting diversity and promoting different means of artistic expression. 

We are proud to announce that MOS and Artapp have joined forces from November 2014! Simona and Sofia are curating a page on ArtApp magazine.

ComunicaDesidera is a press office dedicated to the promotion and communication of architecture, art, design. ComunicaDesidera has one desire: to create communication projects. Because communication is an ongoing project, a path that stems from the desire to write and draw what we are, our world, ideas, thoughts. 

Communication is to tell a story about riches, passions, desires, a history open to the future.

OCRA The Sant’Agostino Monastic Complex was recently renovated by Milesi & Archos in collaboration with SPDA (Scuola Permanente Dell’Abitare). The regeneration not only included a physical renovation of the architecture, but it also gave Montalcino back its cultural soul and offered a new way of sharing urban spaces.
With these principles as a guide, the OCRA (Officina CReativa dell’Abitare) was founded as a centre and incubator dedicated to creativity and art of living.