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    Physical showrooms aren’t a prerequisite for an elegant retail experience. Matter of Stuff is proving that with an online platform showcasing beautiful objects and revealing the stories behind them. Craftsmanship plays an important part in the curation of products. Founders Simona Auteri and Sofia Steffenoni select designs based on how a particular piece is made as well as how it looks.

    Alto Magazine

    Shortlist in Retail experience of the year in the 2014 ALTO Design for Living awards
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    Una guida, una galleria, una vetrina, uno store online. MOS – Matter of Stuff è tutto questo, ma ancor prima è il sogno di due architette italiane che a Londra hanno trovato il coraggio di realizzare.

    MOS: il design d’autore è online – Artribune October 2014
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    “Matter of Stuff does an incredible job in supporting emerging 21st century designers and makers. They tell the stories of these designers, invite you in their world and contextualize the items that they will sell, which is what most successful e-commerce platforms do”

    Carmine Bruno, founder of 1stDibs
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    “I love their curation. They have a true vision.”

    Martyn Lawrence Bullard, interior designer
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    Matter of Stuff is a London-based online art and design gallery founded by architects Simona Auteri and Sofia Steffenoni. The website aims to promote independent designers working all over
    the world, connecting buyers with the process and craft behind precious objects: click to buy straight away, or learn more about designers and their work and commission a unique piece direct.

    Alto Magazine
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    Fine craftsmanship is the core pillar of Matter of Stuff, a new online design emporium of hard-to-source luxe homewares – from lighting, furniture and rugs to jewellery, prints and photographs. Its name is a double entendre, referring both to its founders’ – architects Simona Auteri and Sofia Steffenoni – passion for well-crafted products and their belief in the importance of materials. To this end, information about makers, materials and techniques is prominently displayed.

    How to Spend it, The Financial Times
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