Best of Maison Objet 2015 (Part I) – CERAMICS

MOS best of Maison Objet 2015

Here is our top 5 list of ceramics artists from Maison Object 2015!

Cartocci Paper Clay – By Paola Perronetto

The Cartocci in paper clay are sculptures which are always different from one another,unique pieces with a strong personality.they are completely handmade with a long complex procedure and they can vary in size and shape during the making process or the firing. therefore the eventual differences are to be seen as an added value and they prove their exclusiveness.

Cartocci 01Cartocci 03Cartocci 04Cartocci 05Cartocci 06Cartocci 09


Tortus Copenhagen

Tortus is about the love of making and passion for materials. So like the noble creature from which we derive our name, we move at our own humble pace. By Tortus, we are dedicated to the modern adaptation of traditional and time-tested making methods with the goal of creating vessels of a timeless quality and beauty. Our production is based on a seamless dialogue between design and hand-work drives an ever-evolving production of ceramics rich in form, color and texture, making each encounter with our objects something unique.


Tortus 05 Tortus 07Tortus 04Tortus 03Tortus 02Tortus 01Tortus 06


Bosa Ceramics

In 1976 Italo Bosa began his own ceramic production, applying the ancient techniques for making objects entirely by hand, enhanced by a rich palette of colours, decorated with precious metals such as gold, platinum and copper, and enameled in the exclusive shades of colour created by the company. These precision techniques remain the foundation for Bosa’s production and ensure that Bosa’s objects remain unique, recognizable and of the finest quality.

The ceramic objects and accessories created by maison Bosa not only express the full range of its crafting expertise, but express its ceaseless experimentation with the potential of ceramic, with the aim of transforming formal and functional conventions into new interpretations, new functions and fantastic worlds.

Bosa 01 Bosa 05 Bosa 04 Bosa 03 Bosa 02


PCM – Coral Vases

Else corals and mosses projects represent a new approach towards surfaces and shapes.
These collections of vases are created with a special technique where the final shape is perfectly defined by the own mass and weight of a liquid material.
Original models shapes are made by casting liquid porcelain into a hollowed block of foam, letting the weight of the liquid material insert itself into the pores of the foam.
This way of casting creates organic shapes that arise depending on physics rather than on pre-designed decisions.



PCM 04 PCM 03 PCM 02 PCM 01


Rina Menardi

Since 1980, Rina Menardi has been developing her research into the field of ceramics, personalising work techniques, exploring colour schemes, striving for neatness of shape.

Rina moulds the clay without ever feeling as a tout-court ceramist. She chooses baked clay because she senses in this material the possibility to express herself through gaining possession of some of nature’s secrets, understanding her laws, respecting her rules and limitations. The ever-personal research she conducts over the expressive potentialities of baked clay has always been accompanied by her growth as an individual.

About herself, Rina says: “ Clay allows me to give a three-dimensional shape to the here- and-now ‘me’. It is a way of communicating with myself, and therefore with others. I simply strive to respect the natural surfacing of things that are already within us”. Rina Menardi’s collections are a fusion of art, design and craftsmanship, where chromatism, aesthetics and functionality converge in a synthesis of intuitions coming from everyday life and events, creating atmospheres that inspire serenity and pleasure.


Rita Menardi 01 Rita Menardi 09 Rita Menardi 07 Rita Menardi 06 Rita Menardi 04 Rita Menardi 03 Rita Menardi 02