Lithosphere Coffee Table – Designed by Studio deFORM, curated by MOS

deFORM_curated by MOS_01

London based Studio deFORM have conceived an innovative coffee table in collaboration with the Design Gallery Matter of Stuff.

deFORM_curated by MOS_02

Manufactured in Italy by Cianciullo Marmi, the design of the Lithosphere Coffee Table takes its inspiration from the different layers of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle.

The table juxtaposes four stone slabs sourced from specific locations in Italy. The slabs are divided into four concentric elements, these nestle seamlessly inside each other, as in a Matryoshka. The sixteen elements can then be separated and stacked in differing combinations, producing four material variations of the table.

deFORM_curated by MOS_04 deFORM_curated by MOS_03

The design was carefully considered to maximise the use of each slab. By intermingling the four stones, variety is created, whilst simultaneously minimising waste.