MOS Designer Residency

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The 6 winners of Matter of Stuff Designer Residency Competition have arrived at OCRA, in the beautiful medieval city of Montalcino in Tuscany the 18th of April.

Alessandro Zambelli , Studio UUfie and Tim Vanlier have visited the metalwork facilities and they will work with Toscari to bring their ideas to life.
Meanwhile Nina Cho, Olga Bielawska and Tomas Libertiny have visited the Carrara queries and the marble workshops. They will work with Carrara Design Factory to develop their designs. The craftspeople who have honed their skill through years of studying traditional techniques while incorporating new technologies and the designers will work together to create a core collection of six design pieces – three in marble and three in metal.

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The designers will now spend a month in OCRA facilities in Montalcino to develop their projects.
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The designers visited Banfi vineyard to learn more about wine production in Montalcino and they were hosted in Banfi Castle for a wine tasting experience.
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