MOS_NewtonsBucket_SiloStudio1MOS_NewtonsBucket_SiloStudio3MOS_NewtonsBucket_SiloStudio4MOS_NewtonsBucket_SiloStudio5MOS_NewtonsBucket_SiloStudio2MOS_NewtonsBucket_SiloStudio6MOS_NewtonsBucket_SiloStudio7MOS_NewtonsBucket_SiloStudio8Silo is the design studio formed by Attua Aparicio and Oscar Wanless, currently based within a plastics factory on the southern bank of the Thames.Focused in the study through experimentation with industrial materials and processes aiming to adapt them to a more craft approach. Silo look at how industry makes things, trying to find a simpler and more expressive way, seeing new potential. Hand made-high tech.

Newton’s Bucket is a project that takes the main concept from an experiment that Isaac Newton conducted in 1689. He hung by a rope a bucket filled with water. The rope by twisted up on itself , once the bucket is released, beginning to spin rapidly. “The surface of the water will at first be flat, as before the bucket began to move; but after that, the bucket by gradually communicating its motion to the water, will make it begin to revolve, and recede little by little from the centre, and ascend up the sides of the bucket, forming itself into a concave figure.”

Attua and Oscar replaced the experiment and by using different resin’s colours they showed the way the liquid moves whilst travelling through inertia. The final product is a bowl, the Newton’ s “bucket”, that get embedded on its skin its own movement. The bowl inside is a perfect parabola due to the effect of  inertia and gravity.

Newton’s Bucket are available for sale here