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REMETALED COFFEE TABLES – Tim Vanlier For Matter of Stuff

2,460.00 £5,250.00 £

Remetaled table is a series of two tables, consisting a composition of different types of metal sheets.
During this design process a broad material research is developed within metal.
An experimental phase together with the manufacturer focused on layering metals.
Layering brings depth in a object, offers room for surpises, and gives the metal an innovative materiality.
By nesting metal sheets in a vertical direction, a readable layerd texture originates, which gives the metal a new materiality.


Product Description


REMETALED is made to order. Please read our terms and condition before placing an order.

Design by Tim Vanlier For Matter of Stuff
Manufactured by Toscari

Developed and Produced during the “Matter of Stuff Designer Residency” program in Montalcino

Materials: Copper, Aluminium, Steel, Liquid Metal
Dim: Large D600 x H388mm, Small D450 x H330mm

Lead time 4-6 weeks

Additional Information


Small, Large, Set of two nesting tables

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