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The project was created during Ariane’s residency at DCK (Design Centrum Kielce, Poland).

A machine was built to produce dripped porcelain cups. Four large porcelain vessels slowly shed a recipe based of clay over 16 plaster molds rotating underneath, creating unique random patterns on the cups.

The inspiration for this work came from the spontaneous gathering of citizen around numerous city fountains and joyful interaction with water that Ariane observed during summer time.

It also came from the history of the building where is located the institution, an old prison (1828) who was up till 1956 a silent whiteness of torture of many polish freedom fighters. This is why the special edition of cups Ariane made for DCK are red, they symbolise the blood of these victims who were tortured by water before being killed in front of the wall of executions, place where the machine was launched.

As Ariane describes it, the project “is also a new proposal in my research to design machines that allow small independent batch production of objects. The clay recipe elaborated for the cups gives a soft touch and a satin effect and requires only one firing, halving the energy typically required by the process.”

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