Matteo Brioni Bespoke Clay Plaster for Ferrari Flagship Store


Custom Natural Clay Plaster and bricks for Ferrari Flagship Store in Maranello, designed by Sybarite

Project:  Ferrari Flagship Store⁠

Place:  Maranello, Italy

Design:  Sybarite 

Materials:  TerraVista Smooth Custom Clay by Matteo Brioni, Yellow bricks by Teamwork  

Global design studio Sybarite was invited to design a new concept for Ferrari's new retail stores.
The launch of the first of the Ferrari flagship stores is the culmination of 2 years of work, and Matter of Stuff collaborated with the architects for the realisations of some of the interiors elements.
The curvaceous forms are inspired by the iconic car shapes, and continuous surfaces are created by using a custom Terravista Smooth Clay Plaster by Matteo Brioni.
Innovation, style and performance are the ideas that define the new design of the store. 
Matter of Stuff
Photography by: Paola Pansini
The choice of materials was made with the intention to create a consistent storytelling and design throughout the space: terracotta, glass and clay plaster and bricks. The sinuous curves replicate the Fiorano circuit track, whilst the colour of the glass and furniture represents the traditional well-known red of Ferrari.
The yellow bricks chosen to cover the walls behind the cash desk area, were also manufactured by Matter of Stuff and Teamwork. A dynamic retail display is created by a curving continuous shelving system coated in brushed metal.
Matter of Stuff
Photography by: Dylan Thomas

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