Molteni Vernici

Emotion and beauty. These are the cornerstones of Molteni Vernici, founded in 1948 as an artisan company and transformed by the third generation of the Molteni family into a worldwide recognized brand of paints and finishes for Design and Architecture. Seeing and touching the Made in Italy care and quality is what has always excited the customers who rely on this company. The beauty of the finishes makes each product unique and exclusive, giving it its own identity. Molteni Vernici is a real "tailoring of finishes", a brand that for seventy years has combined the most advanced technologies, some of which have been studied in collaboration with prestigious universities, with traditional craftsmanship. Tradition and innovation come together in the skilled hands of chemists and artisans who constitute the beating heart of a company that believes that finishes and color are the real dress of an object, what embellishes its shape and determines its elegance. An elegance, that guaranteed by Molteni Vernici, which looks to the future, investing in avant-garde research and development in the world of interior and outdoor design. An elegance that is expressed in the obsessive attention to details, in the detachment from standardization which is replaced, instead, by attention to the specific needs of the client. Molteni Vernici, with the care, the attention, the class that distinguishes it, is a partner of internationally renowned projects. It has always stood out for research, innovation, eco-compatibility and elegance, fulfilling the wishes of those who believed in Made in Italy par excellence. Emotion and beauty. This is the signature by Molteni Vernici, a brand recognized and established all over the world.