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Quirk Box

Stylish apartment inspired by Memphis movement completed in Mumbai by Ali Baldiwala

Matter of Stuff
A home that sparks curiosity, Quirk Box is an out-and-out unconventional 1000 sft home in South Mumbai. The client’s request was simple, to turn the 2BHK space into a home with an eclectic aesthetic while maximising the area. Space restrictions notwithstanding, the designers envisioned and converted the cozy apartment into a 2 bedroom, living, and a den/study with an addition of an open pantry in order to highlight the design of this apartment – and a quirky home emerges.
Matter of Stuff
It’s not very often that one comes across a home one can truly refer to as ‘quirky’, as the moniker suggests. Bright colours mixed with quirky finds and tailor-made embellishments, it is something the designers haven’t envisaged and executed at Baldiwala Edge before. Keeping the typical design elements and materials at bay, the home boasts of a rainbow of colours, intriguing artsy pieces and design-savvy furniture that uplift the look and feel, adding a touch of luxury and a sense of homeliness. Aptly situated in a SoBo building, the one-of-a-kind apartment exudes creativity. Unlike other home makeovers and home owners, the clients desired a home which would reflect their personal aesthetic - a bright and cheery space that has corners bursting with colour.
As if in throwback-mode (don’t we all love everything vintage?), what’s old is new again and the designers are referring to the Memphis style of design – the inspiration behind the use and play of colours. The noticeable style adds playfulness without overwhelming the décor. A sight to behold, the home is vibrant and quirky but doesn’t lose its’ seriousness. Featuring quirky elements in bold colours, the home is peppered with materials and bespoke furniture pieces that lighten up the mood, making it much more inviting. Each room has a tale to tell, the living room is a colourful representation of the Memphis design movement, complete with funky accessories. The warm master bedroom embraces the bold style with patterns dominating the room, while the guest bedroom is far removed from the aesthetic, and depicts an old town in Gujarat in its’ ethnic vibe as well as authentic look – drawing familiarity for the clients. Finally, the den of this diverse home also houses a study, finished with a world map puzzle and quirky elements. In a nutshell, the apartment exhibits the client’s personal style and their openess to experimention, mixing cultures and themes through their unique choice of art, colours and furniture – adding the flavourful and fearless quirkiness to the home.
DESIGN:  Ali Baldiwala of Baldiwala Edge STYLIST: Samir Wadekar

LOCATION:  Mumbai, Imdia

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Talib Chitalwala

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