Fora 42 Berners Street Coworking Space


Fora 42 Berners Street Coworking Space

CLIENT: Fora Space


LOCATION: Mayfair, London


SIZE: 8 Floors


DATE: 2019

Furniture procurement for one of London’s foremost premium co-working spaces required careful planning, technical drawings and curation to delineate different moods for each space within the open plan suites across the eight floors of the building.
Crucially, logistic and installation were coordinated through Matter of Stuff so to guarantee a smooth site handover to the client.
Reading Room
Breakout Space
Reading Room
’We like to bring together the most creative minds to create bespoke and sustainably produced spaces, furniture and objects from concept right through to execution. Our partners include small to medium scale, family-run factories in Italy but also independent designers all around Europe who understand our vision and actively take part in the research of tailor-made solutions for our projects.’


Simona Auteri & Sofia Steffenoni
Co-founders of Matter of Stuff

Breakout Space
Flexible Meeting Room

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