Metal Coatings

13400 Burnishing Varnish for Metals

1k one-component varnish with a burnished effect used to obtain burnishing effects in direct adhesion on metals and metallic alloys without the need of galvanic processes, apt both for interior and for outdoor workpieces (through the employment of specific cycles), it guarantees the same results that can be obtained with the traditional galvanic finishings. The burnisher can be overpainted with all the anti-touch series Molteni Vernici. The product is considered the most valid alternative to the galvanic burnishings, with a great employment also on big structures which, due for their dimensions, cannot go through burnishing treatments or chemical acid processes.

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  • Collection 13400
  • Code 13400
  • Materials applied on Metals
  • Use Indoor, Outdoor
  • Made in Italy