2C Vetro Metallic Glass Varnish

1k one-component varnish, through its application it can be obtained a final metallic result that is highly resistant both in the polished and in the matt version. It can be applied in direct adhesion on melt alloys, iron, brass, aluminum, silver, without the employment of any adhesion primer. It dries up by air or at low temperatures, or by moderate oven. Advised for all those melting supports which at higher temperatures outgas, creating as a consequence holes, bubbles or crackings on the treated surface. Available in the standard colourations or personalizable on the sample.

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  • Brand Molteni Vernici
  • Collection 2C Vetro
  • Finish Matt, Polished
  • Code 7011
  • Materials applied on melt alloys, iron, brass, aluminum, silver
  • Use Indoor, Outdoor
  • Made in Italy