3D Brick Tile

3D Bricks are a series of versatile decorative ceramic tiles based on a Rectangular parallelepiped with a one or more asymmetric faces. The attractive shapes of Brick tiles make them perfect to create vibrant walls and vertical surfaces, suitable for both indoors and outdoor. Bricks are ideal for commercial spaces and residential projects. These tiles can be produced using single or mixed colours, as well as any bespoke glazing effect. Hand-crafted in Italy.

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  • Material Ceramics
  • Dimensions 18 x 9.2cm
  • Finish Matt/Gloss
  • Glazing Effect Simple Colour. All Ral available
  • Bespoke Available Each tile is bespoke and made to order, for more details please contact us directly at bespoke@matterofstuff.com
  • Glazing Effects Available Simple Colours / Flamed / Salt and Pepper / Metal effect / Pearl Effect / Irridescent
  • - Made in Italy