87.5 Pendant Lights

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87.5 is a random configuration of fi ve 87 pendants hung from a round canopy. The pendants are designed to hang in a random configuration, the result is an ambient installation or fi eld of light. The pendant drop lengths on this light fixture are adjustable up to the specified maximum.

A matrix of hot glass is stretched and folded back onto itself numerous times as it cools. Air is trapped between the folds and stretched along the grain of the loop, creating microfilaments that give the piece a pearlescent optical quality. A LED light source is introduced at one end of the loop casting light through the microfilaments and registering a gentle gradient.

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  • Canopy Dimensions Ø20.3 x 4 cm
  • Dimensions ø11.5-24 x H30-50 cm, Full length 300-305 cm, 6.8 kg
  • Brand Bocci
  • Designed by Omer Arbel
  • Fabrication Bocci
  • Materials Glass, Metal Coaxial Cable, Electrical components, Brushed Nickel
  • Shipped From Berlin
  • Lead time 1 week