Alabastro Plate

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Alabastri is a collection of centerpieces made in Alabastro di Volterra (Italy) This sedimentary rock formed millions of years ago is found in caves or tunnels in the form of large ovoid blocks - called “arnioni” - which are extracted and then processed following the traditional techniques. Each piece is handmade, finished and polished with a special abrasive dust that makes each piece smooth and velvety.

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  • Designer / Brand Editamateria
  • Fabrication Editamateria
  • Design Roberto Sironi
  • Materials Alabaster
  • Dimensions Width: 36 height: 5 length: 36
  • Produced in Handmade in Alabastro of Volterra
  • Shipped from Italy
  • Date of Production 2016
  • Stock Made to Order