Alvar tray

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The Alvar tray is the oldest product in the Nikari collection, dating back to the first years of the small one-man workshop company in the 1960s. Nikari was collaborating with Alvar Aalto’s architecture office and furnishing their projects from 1967 to 1974. The original Alvar trays are still in use in the Lakeuden Risti convention centre they were made for.

This tray is available in oiled birch and white laminate.

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  • Dimensions L33 x W57 x H4 cm, 0.5 kg
  • Brand Nikari
  • Designed by Alvar Aalto
  • Fabrication Nikari
  • Materials Solid Wood, Laminate
  • Shipped from Finland
  • Lead time 1-4 weeks