Amanda Hammock With Natural Galvanized Steel Base

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This timeless icon of Unopiù style was chosen by Paolo Sorrentino for his masterpiece “The Great Beauty”. Its unmistakable design was based on an idea as simple as it was clever: assemble curved lamellar wood poles with a handmade cord net.

Timeless icon of Unopiù style, the classic version of the hammock has been improved aesthetically with steel hardware to improve its performance. A new alternative version has also been introduced with a more modern design and a base in sandblasted galvanized steel.

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  • Dimensions L431 x W135 x H145 cm, 10 kg
  • Brand Unopiù
  • Designed by Unopiù
  • Fabrication Unopiù
  • Materials Nordic Pine, Galvanized Steel, 100% cotton net
  • Shipped From Italy
  • Lead Time 3-4 weeks