Ample Inlay

Inspired by the ancient technique of intarsia, the surfaces of Inlay exploit the physical qualities of paper pulp allowing the cellulose paste components added to the pigments or left in natural tonalities to smoothly join each other during the pressing and assemblage. This results in surfaces with spotted effects, with defined shapes, even within the random movements of the play of colors. in the visual force of its panels or in the entertaining puzzle of its mosaics, it is equally adapted to simple re-covering projects as it is to projects that are designed to make spaces utterly unique.

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  • Finishes Honed | Polished
  • Panel Sizes 10x10cm | 20x20cm | 30x30cm | 40x40cm | 60x60cm | 80x80cm | 60x30cm | 80x40cm
  • Thickness 1cm
  • - Made in Italy
  • Brand Paper Factor