Ando Time Hourglass

Designed By Tadao Ando 2015

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This captivating hourglass by artist Tadao Ando is a testament to the elegance of glass. Two, bullet-shaped blown glass bulbs in green and aquamarine are encased in a clear prismatic case, carrying white sand through a narrow tube. It is part of a limited edition of 49 pieces per colour.

Note: Enquire for colour combinations if purchases more than one piece

Please choose variations:
  • Piece 1 Pieces
  • Piece 1 Pieces
  • Piece 2 Pieces
  • Piece 3 Pieces
  • Colours Aquamarine/ Crystal/ Green
  • Colours Aquamarine/ Crystal/ Green
  • Colours Grey/ Light Pink/ Red
  • Colours Crystal/ Grape/ Red
  • Colours Alexandrite/ Grape/ Red
  • Colours Bamboo/ Grape/ Horizon
  • Colours Amber Yellow/ Light Pink/ Violet
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  • Packaging Dimensions L33xW74xH40 cm, 12 kg
  • Dimensions L13.5xW13.5xH54 cm, 8 kg
  • Brand Venini
  • Designed By Tadao Ando 2015
  • Fabrication Venini
  • Materials Glass, Sand
  • Shipped From Italy
  • Lead Time 9-10 Weeks