Studio Sahil

Angle Cut Vase with Gocek Sand

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This hand made combines glass with Gocek sand. It is a one of a kind piece so is made to order. The harsh ending to the vase combined with the curved body makes this vase a true statement piece. This would be perfect displayed as a centrepiece.

This set is single edition pieces which are pushing the process with new experiments. The processes include glass blowing into an optic mould, using colour combinations, two types of sand in one vessel and the designer making some of the pieces herself to develop the process further.

The sands originate from Iceland, Miami, Sahara Desert, Bulgaria, Southern and Aegean Coast of Turkey

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  • Dimensions ⌀9 x H15 cm
  • Brand Studio Sahil
  • Designed by Studio Sahil
  • Fabrication Studio Sahil
  • Materials Glass, Gocek Sand
  • Shipped from U.K
  • Lead time 2-3 weeks