April Coffee Table

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The April table set was designed by Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli in 2012. The massive wooden base is harmoniously combined with the tabletop by traditional wooden joinery.

The tables are made of different wood species: birch, ash and oak. They are a natural combination together but also bring out the different characteristics of the wood material and the contrasting forms of the products.

April tables can be ordered in a set or individually.

The April table dimensions & material - APRIL 1: L60 × W50 x H20 cm, Oiled Ash / APRIL 2: L50 ×W30 x H40 cm, Oiled Oak / APRIL 3: L25 ×W15 x H60 cm, Oiled Birch

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  • Material April 1 - Ash
  • Material April 1 - Ash
  • Material April 2 - Oak
  • Material April 3 - Birch
  • Material April Table Set
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  • Dimensions L60 x W50 x H20 cm, 23 kg / L50 x W30 x H40 cm, 23 kg / L25 x W15 x H60 cm, 18 kg
  • Brand Nikari
  • Designed by Alfredo Häberli
  • Fabrication Nikari
  • Materials Solid Wood
  • Shipped from Finland
  • Lead time 8 weeks