Arte OSA 1-2-3 Shelves

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”The idea was to create several abstract sculptures, with an open function. These abstract servants function in a corridor, at the entrance, in the living-, bed- and bathroom as a display for any possible object or simply as a stool, a bench or a side table. The challenge is to accept the open character and the undefined primary use of the pieces and embrace their whole presence and standout carpentry. The striped back design creates space for the material and the craftsmen behind Nikari to shine.”

– Alfredo Häberli, Designer –

Arte OSA 1-2-3 is available in birch or curly birch. Curly birch is only available for Osa 1. This product is manufactured in limited series. For availability, please inquire.

Dimensions | Osa 1: L32 x W30 x H41 cm / Osa 2: L60 x W30 x H41 cm / Osa 3: L90 x W30 x H73 cm

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  • Finish Osa 1 - Birch
  • Finish Osa 1 - Birch
  • Finish Osa 1 - Curly Birch
  • Finish Osa 2 - Birch
  • Finish Osa 3 - Birch
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  • Dimensions L32 x W30 x H41 cm / L60 x W30 x H41 cm / L90 x W30 x H 73 cm
  • Brand Nikari
  • Designed by Alfredo Häberli
  • Fabrication Nikari
  • Materials Solid Wood
  • Shipped from Finland
  • Lead time 8 weeks