Wooden Flooring

Atelier Déco Pontigny

Listone Giordano’s Decò collection draws inspiration by the wooden floors that decorate the palaces in central and northern Europe. These tiles give a new twist to a timeless classic and are perfect even for modern residential and non-residential projects.

Even today, processing techniques combined with architects’ taste produce superb floor décors. According to interior design historians, wood panelling floors originated in Italy. It is believed that the Versailles wooden flooring is a more decorative version of Serlio’s floor slab. The panels with the lattice arranged diagonally to the frame, were more popular and are still known as Versailles parquet flooring. In contrast those with the lattice parallel to the edge are called Chantilly parquet.

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  • Collection Atelier Déco
  • Designed by Listone Giordane
  • Material Wood
  • Use Indoor, Floor