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Azul Aguamarina Marble

Azul Aguamarina Marble is a blue marble from Brazil (Cacheiro do Itapemirim, Espirito Santo).

Frictional wear 0,58 mm Mass by unit of volume 2711 kg/m³

Also known as: Acqua Marina, Acqua Marine, Aquamarina Azzurro, Azul Acqua Marina, Azul Aquamarina, Azul Celeste, Azul Cyano, Azul Agua, Azul Paraiso, Azzurro Aquamarina, Blue Acquamarina, Blue Sky, Lumen Translucent Blue Marble, Azul Acquamarina Marble

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  • Finishes Honed | Polished
  • Colour Light Blue
  • Use Indoor
  • Origin Brazil
  • Variation Pattern may vary, as every slab of natural marble is unique.
  • - Marble