Balloons Large Table Lamp

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Balloons, a collection of timeless lights embodying rudimental forms evoking images of hot air balloons, captivates with the beauty of large-format handblown glass and an elegant metal reflector hovering within. The design’s charm lies in the use of two independent glass sections to achieve the impression of an integral whole. Lavish proportions and an elegant hand-pressed metal reflector are the collection’s defining traits. The size of the largest shade pushes the very boundaries of glassblowing technology and illustrates the exceptional skill and craftsmanship of Bohemian glassmakers. The Balloons collection is one of the pillars of the Brokis portfolio. The lights come in three sizes. Balloons also make an outstanding sculptural statement during the day when they are switched off. The lamp consist in three main parts: the bottom glass section with power cord, the metal reflector and the upper glass shade. Lamps are equipped with a hand dimmer.

Textile cord is 197 cm in length and available in a range of colours: black, white, dark grey, light grey, red, yellow.

Please choose variations:
  • Glass Colour Transparent
  • Glass Colour Transparent
  • Glass Colour Smoke Grey
  • Glass Colour Smoke Brown
  • Reflector Black
  • Reflector Black
  • Reflector White
  • Reflector Lemon Yellow
  • Reflector Reflective Orange
  • Reflector Copper
  • Reflector Brass
  • Reflector Chrome
  • Reflector Chrome Black
  • Reflector Chrome Brushed
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  • Dimensions Ø55 x H78.5 cm, 16 kg
  • Brand Brokis
  • Designed by Lucie Koldova, Dan Yeffet
  • Fabrication Brokis
  • Materials Glass, Metal, Textile
  • Specifications BULB E27 LED, Input Voltage 230 VDC, Frequency 50-60 Hz, Total Power 60W
  • Shipped from Czech Republic
  • Lead time 4-6 weeks