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Bardiglio Imperiale Marble

Sourced from our craftsmen quarries in Tuscany. Bardiglio is a fine-grained, deep grey, cloudy marble. Bardiglio marble is an easy limestone to work with, of medium hardness. With wide range in both color and veining, it is a classic marble perfect for indoor use. Can be use in exterior only in mild clima.

Volumetric weight 2672 Kg/m3 Compression strength 1372 Kg/cm2 Bending strength 174 Kg/cm2 Abrasion resistance 0,29 mm Absorption 3,27 %o by weight Coeff. thermal expansion 0,0042 mm./m. oC

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  • - Direct Quarry access
  • Colour Dark Gray
  • Use Indoor
  • Origin Italy
  • Variation Pattern may vary, as every slab of natural marble is unique.