Le Klint

Caleo Original Pendant

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The name "CALEO" comes from Latin and means "to highlight", which refers to the lamps beautiful bronze stringing, which emphasises the lamp’s cross-pleating even when the lamp is switched off. The stringing helps to give the lamp a detailed look and emphasis on craftsmanship.

CALEO ORIGINAL was runner up on the popular Danish TV competition show called ‘Denmark’s Next Classic’ where a beautiful lamp had to be created to hang over a dining table.

Rikke’s design combined a brass angular bar that held the pleating together so that the pleating effect could be rotated at a 90-degree angle. The main body of Caleo Original is made of paper.

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  • Dimensions Ø60 cm
  • Brand Le Klint
  • Designed by Rikke Frost
  • Fabrication Le Klint
  • Materials brass, Paper
  • Specifications 1500 LM
  • Shipped from Denmark
  • Lead time 1-2 weeks