What is the Mediterranean? It is a thousand things all together. It is not just one landscape, but countless landscapes. It is not just a sea, but a string of seas. It is not just one civilization, but many civilizations….an ancient melting pot laden with history and legends.Over thousands of years many things have occurred here and just as many things have been drawn into it, making the Mediterranean synonymous with exploration, discovery, understanding the unknown; a mixture of people, goods, trade but above all of culture.The Greeks were the first to call it “internal” (comparing it to the other sea, the Ocean, which is a vast external sea or so to say a surrounding sea) and it has always been a meeting place, a crossroads, and thus a contamination, a hybridization: a stratification of skills and techniques which represent an extraordinary heritage that one must not only get to know but also refocus attention on through new approaches grafting the contemporary onto the traditional.

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  • Finish Matt/Gloss
  • Dimensions 2.920x3.000x20 mm
  • Marble Bianco Fenice, Crema Tunisi,Pietra Pece. Applicazione di rame in foglia libera / application of copper leaf (Bespoke Available)