Morghen Studio

Calypso 90 Pendant

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The Calypso family stems from the investigation of the transmitting properties of an everyday usage material. Silicone is well known for its multiple qualities, whilst its relationship with light is still to be researched.By using a pmma profile, the hidden led light is focused and directed towards the silicone diffuser, which in return lights up with soft shades of warm light.The result is a unique entity that glows gently, apparently generating light itself.

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  • Dimensions L90 x W5 x H10 cm
  • Brand Morghen Studio
  • Designed by Morghen Studio
  • Fabrication Morghen Studio
  • Material Brushed Brass, Silicone, LED Light
  • Specifications strip LED smd 2835 - 22,5 w - 2.700 k - 1.980 lm
  • Shipped From Milan, Italy
  • Lead time 4 weeks