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Capri Lounge Swivel Chair

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The clever design of the Capri lounge chair combines aesthetics with very high seating comfort. The line of the back continues into an armrest on both sides. The seat is very wide and offers the possibility of changing seating positions, which is ideal for lounging and for long stays in the chair. Furthermore, the design of the chair enables a great variety of combinations in terms of colours and materials.

The base is in brushed aluminium with a return swivel, which makes it a durable and flexible choice for all kinds of public spaces and breakout areas.

The Capri Lounge Swivel Chair is padded with high quality moulded foam, and the inside and outside can be individually upholstered in different fabrics, leather qualities and colours. Please refer to the catalogue. - Revive, Step and Step Melange upholstery options in Group 1 are not suitable for this version.

Felt gliders can be mounted upon request.

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  • Dimensions L82 x W67 x H74 cm
  • Brand +Halle
  • Designed by Busk+Hertzog
  • Fabrication +Halle
  • Materials Aluminium, Foam, Fabric, Leather
  • Shipped from Denmark
  • Lead time 6-7 weeks