06D Atelier

Centaurus Chair

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The Centaurus Sculptural Chair, is made by 2 mm thick steel plates, laser cut, bent and shaped, welded and ground. The finishing consists of different steps, so to achieve the perfection required for such an exclusive product; the last touch is always handmade, to get a perfect result. A beautiful, unique jewel, like a sculpture, perfect for any interior style. The Thinness Collection Matt Edition is available in customizable colours, presented in Materia Obscura black finish.

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  • Packaging Dimensions 54 x 66 x 70cm
  • Designer / Brand 06D Atelier
  • Materials Stainless Steel
  • Fabrication 06D Atelier
  • Shipped From Italy
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Lead time 5-8 weeks
  • Dimensions Width: 64 height: 75 length: 54