Petite Friture

Cherry Pendant System Linear S

Designed By Daniel and Emma

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The duo of Australian designers DANIEL and EMMA has created CHERRY a simple and minimal suspension - an aluminium cone sub-mounted with a sphere - and manages to create a subtle ratio of light between the diffuser and the ball at the finish shimmering.

"The CHERRY suspensions refer to our child's soul: to the gums we collected and more obviously to the ice cream cone with the cherry at the top that we loved so much." DANIEL and EMMA

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  • Colours Black + Rainbow
  • Colours Black + Rainbow
  • Colours White + Gold
  • Colours Brown-Red + Rose Gold
  • Colours Mint-Green + Titanium
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  • Dimensions L90 x W5.2 x H5 Cm, 3 Kg
  • Brand Petite Friture
  • Designed By Daniel and Emma
  • Fabrication Petite Friture
  • Materials Aluminium, Grained Epoxy Paint Matte Finish
  • Shipped From Europe
  • Lead Time 2-4 Weeks