Costela Lounge Chair

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Costela is an armchair that marries informal style with elegance.‎ Characterised by sensual aesthetics, natural materials and an intelligent design, it allows for refined personalization.‎ Costela represents the synthesis of the nature of a creative project.‎  The supporting idea, from which everything starts, the beautiful wooden structure with rounded bands in the perfect embrace that welcomes both in the seat and in the backrest – not to mention the functional and aesthetic attention to details –exemplified by the horizontal and vertical placement of large cushions to guarantee complete comfort from the extremely natural style in their almost casual position.‎  The supporting part is easily dismantled and recyclable, a characteristic that is in line with the fundamental trend and contemporary needs to produce furniture that regards the principles of sustainability and durability over time.‎ The possibility of being able to play with textile coverings makes Costela not only a delectable piece with an unmistakable history, but also a furnishing of irresistible trend.‎

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  • Upholstery B ⁄ Client Custom
  • Upholstery B ⁄ Client Custom
  • Upholstery C
  • Upholstery D
  • Upholstery Extra
  • Upholstery Lusso
  • Upholstery Special
  • Upholstery Top
  • Upholstery Client Leather
  • Upholstery Leather
  • Upholstery Super Leather
  • Upholstery Aniline Leather
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  • Dimensions L74 x W80 x H83 cm, 38 kg, Seat H40 cm
  • Brand Tacchini
  • Designed by Martin Eisler
  • Fabrication Tacchini
  • Materials Fabric, Leather, Metal, Wood
  • Shipped from Italy
  • Lead time 12-14 weeks