Clessidre Hourglass

Designed By Fulvio Bianconi

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This elegant hourglass combines the Venetian glass tradition and a contemporary aesthetic. Handcrafted of mouth-blown glass with the "incalmo" technique, the two bulb-shaped elements are welded together when the glass is still hot.

“Little grains of sand, impalpable and unnoticeable as a whole yet so real, like time ticking away. In 1957, Fulvio Bianconi and Paolo Venini captured time and shaped it into Clessidra. Perfectly balanced between two different colors, sand flows through sleek glass, crafted using the Incalmo technique; as it flows, it gradually colors, becoming an integral part of the glass.”

Please choose variations:
  • Colours Aquamarine/ Grey
  • Colours Aquamarine/ Grey
  • Colours Grey/ Mint Green
  • Colours Grape/ Light Pink
  • Colours Indigo/ Orange
  • Colours Grey/ Indigo
  • Colours Grape/ Red
  • Colours Red/ Straw-Yellow
  • Colours Apple Green/ Straw-Yellow
  • Dimensions Ø10xH25 cm
  • Dimensions Ø10xH25 cm
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  • Packaging Dimensions L17xW39xH17.5 cm, 3 kg
  • Dimensions Ø10xH25 cm, 0.210 kg
  • Brand Venini
  • Designed By Fulvio Bianconi
  • Fabrication Venini
  • Materials Glass, Sand
  • Shipped From Italy
  • Lead Time 9-10 Weeks