Glen Baghurst

Club Lounge Chair - Accoutre N.2

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In the first edition of the ‘Club Chair’ (2016) the designer Glen Baghurst drew inspiration from high fashion and English saddlery and applied this to create his leather draped armchair. This second edition is a limited release and is designed and produced in collaboration with french Plumassier (feather artisan) Maxime Leroy. Leroy specialises in contemporary feather work and has executed pieces of Haute Couture fashion for Chanel, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier and Louis Vuitton. In this particular case the feathers used are sourced from farmed birds. We recycled "the waste" of the food industry.

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  • Dimensions Width: 71 height: 70 length: 55
  • Brand Matter of Stuff
  • Fabrication Glen Baghurst
  • Designed by Glen Baghurst and Maxime Leroy
  • Shipped from Sweden
  • Lead time 10 weeks
  • Materials  Steel, leather, paint, palette d’Oie (Goose Palette Feather).
  • Plummassier Maxime Leroy
  • Gallery Matter of Stuff
  • Bird Goose (Farmed Bird)
  • Type of feather Palette
  • Dye None
  • Manufactured in Sweden, Paris
  • Stock Made to Order