Dennis Parren

CMYK Corner

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CMYK corner is a corner wall light. The idea derived from my previous project (CMYK lamp). I wanted to separate light source, so I placed the primary colors of light on three different spots. The effect is overwhelming, especially because the lamp is quite small. (height is 18 cm) The lamp have to be hanged above eye-level. You need to drill four holes in the wall. With plugs and screws you can attach it to the wall.

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  • Designer/Brand Dennis Parren
  • Fabrication Dennis Parren
  • Design Dennis Parren
  • Materials Steel tubular frame
  • Dimensions Width: 16 height: 18 length: 21
  • Watt 3x3, AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Produced in Netherlands
  • Shipped from Netherlands
  • Lead Time 4-6 weeks
  • Stock Made to Order
  • light Watt 3x3, AC100-240V 50/60Hz