Natural Cork

Cork Black on White

The Cork Black on White panel is about contrast and revelation. This is a double skin of black and white cork: carving graphic lines on the first layer, it appears the lightness colour playing with shadows. Just two tiles offer the infinite possibilities of designs for the wall.

Exploring the symbiosis between low-tech material and high-tech processes. The 100% natural and sustainable expanded cork agglomerate is transformed through generative design algorithms and advanced digital fabrication processes, expressing a new formal aesthetics. This creative and disruptive system not only optimizes cork’s thermal and acoustic properties but also adds artistic value to traditional walls.

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  • Dimensions Length: 50 cm | Width: 50 cm | Thickness: 3 cm
  • Collection Corktiles
  • Colour Natural Cork
  • Density 140 Kgs / m
  • Fire Resistance Fire Class E
  • Acoustic Properties See technical sheet
  • Material Natural 100% Cork
  • Use Indoor, Walls
  • Made in Portugal