Natural Cork

Corkboard Cork Tiles

The Board wall is at the border between space and object. First, it is a flat acoustic panel based on a diamond pattern. Some of the modules can be changed in order to become a board, from 2D to 3D, just a smooth volume in the same black cork material. A delicate place to exhibit objects.

Exploring the symbiosis between low-tech material and high-tech processes. The 100% natural and sustainable expanded cork agglomerate is transformed through generative design algorithms and advanced digital fabrication processes, expressing a new formal aesthetics. This creative and disruptive system not only optimizes cork’s thermal and acoustic properties but also adds artistic value to traditional walls.

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  • Dimensions Length: 50 cm | Width: 50 cm | Thickness: 3 cm
  • Collection Corktiles
  • Colour Natural Cork
  • Density 140 Kgs / m
  • Fire Resistance Fire Class E
  • Acoustic Properties See technical sheet
  • Material Natural 100% Cork
  • Use Indoor, Walls
  • Made in Portugal