Costanza Wall Lamp

Designed By Paolo Rizzatto, 1986

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Slender and discrete, this lamp fits easily into any context, public or private. The handy rod near the light source makes it easy to turn the unit on or off.

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  • Versions On/Off Switch
  • Versions On/Off Switch
  • Versions Sensor Dimmer
  • Finishes White
  • Finishes White
  • Finishes Mistic White
  • Finishes Soft Skin
  • Finishes Shaded Stone
  • Finishes Edgy Pink
  • Finishes Comfort Green
  • Finishes Petroleum Blue
  • Finishes Smart Yellow
  • Finishes Primary Red
  • Finishes Concrete Grey
  • Finishes Liquorice Black
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  • Dimensions Shade Ø40 x H28 Cm, D 44/57 Cm, H76/110 Cm, 1.39 Kg
  • Brand Luceplan
  • Designed By Paolo Rizzatto, 1986
  • Fabrication Luceplan
  • Materials Aluminium Structure, Interchangeable Polycarbonate Silkscreened Shade
  • Specifications LED E27 dimmable, 105W HSGSA E27
  • Shipped From Italy
  • Lead Time 6 Weeks