Sebastian Bergne

Cubit Beer Glass

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Cubit is a hand made beer glass. It’s strong cubic form supported by a broad hollow stem makes it one of a kind. Each glass is crafted using a combination of traditional techniques. The upper part re-uses an existing bottle mould from their extensive library and the base is added using traditional hand tools. This process of reinterpreting previous forms and techniques is part of a working method that often leads to innovative outcomes. In this case the square section and neck of the bottle form give the glass a strong visual character and adds a functional twist. The volume contained in the stem is useful to measure an amount of bitter liquor or fruit syrup increasingly mixed with beer. In the area around the production facility there is a popular tradition of adding a shot of syrup to your beer and the Cubit glass is ideal. Cubit glasses are sold singly, boxed.

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  • Dimensions L8 x W8 x H22 cm
  • Capacity 250ml
  • Brand Sebastian Bergne
  • Designed by Sebastian Bergne
  • Fabrication Sebastian Bergne
  • Shipped From GB
  • Lead time 2 weeks
  • Materials glass
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Stock Made to Order