Decoro Geologico

The formation of crystals, the unpredictability of shapes and the wonder of crystalline conformations are the source of Michele De Lucchi's geological decoration project. At the base of this decoration there are only three elements, composed differently using the front and the back, and this is the surprise of such a wealth of impact, generated by only three geometric shapes."For many years I have been waiting for someone to show up from the slopes of Etna to ask me to design furniture and wall coverings with lava, that hard, dark and hellish stone of immediate production, which derives directly from the incandescent material." Michele de Lucchi

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  • Finish Matt/Gloss
  • Dimensions A 580x340x20 mm - Ar 580x340x20 mm - B 419x179x20 mm Br 419x179x20 mm - C 580x340x20 mm - Cr 580x340x20 mm
  • Marble Pietra Lavica dell’Etna (Bespoke Available)