Morghen Studio

Double Cascade Pendant

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The Double Cascade Pendant is similar to the Cascade Pendant in the organic shape and material. However this pendant has two hanging points so it allows the PMMA to hang suspended in the air. It is in a constant play of balance and imbalance, the two ends of the lamp are both generative and receptive elements, two opposites linked together eternally.

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  • Dimensions L40 x W10 x H90 cm
  • Designed by Morghen Studio
  • Brand Morghen Studio
  • Fabrication Morghen Studio
  • Material Polished Brass, PMMA, LED Light
  • Specifications 2xLED boards 500 mA - 12,4 w (max) - 3.000 k - 1.770 lm
  • Shipped From Milan, Italy
  • Lead time 4 weeks