Petite Friture

Francis Wall Mirror - Pink S

Designed By Constance Guisset

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The wall mirror Francis evolved from an experience with pigmentation. The shifting colours on the periphery suggest the oxidation of antique mirrors or hues on a makeup palette. This observational design, with vivid and deep colours, is reflected inside the surface of each mirror by digital printing. The back of the mirror, slightly convex, is suspended through the centre, which allows the mirror to fall forward such as with venetian mirrors.

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  • Dimensions Ø45 x H5 Cm, 3.5 Kg
  • Brand Petite Friture
  • Fabrication Petite Friture
  • Designed By Constance Guisset
  • Materials Mirror Aluminium, Epoxy Paint
  • Shipped From Europe
  • Lead time 2-4 Weeks