Petite Friture

Fromme Square chair

Designed By Tom Chung

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Metal chair This metal designer chair is distinguished by its pure line and its unique character: the absorbers placed under the seat give a soft and very comfortable flexibility to the chair.

This design was inspired by the personal story of Tom Chung. An experienced cyclist, he used to climb Fromme Mountain outside of Vancouver and was fascinated by the technical performance of his bike. He sought to rediscover the efficiency that the latter brought him to reinvent the most common object and yet the greatest challenge for a designer: a design chair

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  • Dimensions L70 x W70 x H73 Cm, 18 Kg
  • Brand Petite Friture
  • Designed By Tom Chung
  • Fabrication Petite Friture
  • Materials Aluminium, Sustainable and Recyclable Material
  • Shipped From Europe
  • Lead Time 3 Weeks