101 Copenhagen

Hako Burned Black Tall Table

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Hako is the Japanese word for box or storage, and in the 101 Copenhagen universe, it is a furniture collection inspired by Japanese living. Hako features a bar and storage object, console, bench, coffee table and side table.

Hako burned black tall table is handmade of massive ash with French bamboo mesh, creating a semi-transparent front or top surface. The wooden surfaces smoothly transition into metal frames and fittings, creating a refined modern expression. The characteristic conic shaped legs and the slim metal tray is made of plated metal.

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  • Dimensions L40 x W40 x H50 cm, 4.9 kg
  • Brand 101 Copenhagen
  • Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl
  • Fabrication 101 Copenhagen
  • Materials Metal, Solid Wood, French Bamboo
  • Shipped from Denmark
  • Lead time 2 weeks