Valerie Objects

Hanging Lamp No 1 Brass

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Although most design lovers know of Muller Van Severen for their furniture, the design couple’s story actually kicked off with the conception of these hanging lamps. “It all started out of necessity”, Hannes explains. “We were working in our new home which is an old house. Above the table there wasn’t a socket in the ceiling to stick a lightbulb in, so we designed a lamp that could hang from the wall”. Like all Muller Van Severen’s furniture, the lamps add a sober but colourful line to the interior. On one hand the sober design doesn’t draw too much attention, on the other hand its playful character does tingle the eye. The lamps create space rather than filling it up.

Lamp frame comes in steel or brass tube, powder coated finish. Wall brackets and lamp sockets have a brass colour. Lamp shade is in white glass. Light bulb is half mirrored.

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  • Dimensions W163 x H140 l Ø25 cm, 13 kg
  • Brand Valerie Objects
  • Designed by Muller Van Severen
  • Fabrication Valerie Objects
  • Light source 4W Led, Colour Tempertaure: K2700, Lumen 350, Dimmable
  • Materials Brass, Glass
  • Shipped from Belgium
  • Lead time 1-2 Weeks