Ila Upholstered Lounge Chair with Headrest

Designed By Patrick Jouin

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The new, elegant and high-quality Ila is a refined piece of furniture with a strong personality, expressing utmost comfort, softness, and sensuality. Its curved, flexible lines trace out a comfortable and enveloping silhouette. Armchair with outer shell in rigid polyurethane foam and flexible polyurethane foam for the inner shell. Four-legs Ø 30 mm steel tube frame. The large headrest adds character to the armchair.

Please choose variations:
  • Upholstery C83+C101 / C110+C122
  • Upholstery C83+C101 / C110+C122
  • Upholstery Category H
  • Upholstery D40+D44
  • Upholstery H40+H53
  • Upholstery Category G
  • Upholstery G180+G185
  • Upholstery Category E
  • Upholstery Category P
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  • Dimensions L81 x W79 x H110 Cm, 20.5 Kg
  • Brand Pedrali
  • Designed By Patrick Jouin
  • Fabrication Pedrali
  • Materials Polyurethane Foam, Steel Tube Frame
  • Shipped From Italy
  • Lead Time 4 Weeks