Intermezzo Decorative Terrazzo Tiles

Contemporary identity reinterpreting tradition. A memory of tradition combines with relentless commitment to technology research and innovation, thus creating a flow of ideas and projects that mark the aesthetic and material evolution of decoration for marble granule cladding. From experimental design and technology emerges a composite language rich of modern yet classic traits, which expresses itself in an exclusive and original collection, the ideal solution for both floors and cladding.

Marble granule is a very resistant and versatile material allowing multiple solutions for the most diverse requirements, from staircases to shower box fittings, from kitchen counters to bathroom tops. Resistance to weight, heat and frost and very low absorption are guarantee of extreme versatility for indoor and outdoor use.

We can manufacture made-to-measure sizes for floors and cladding, bathroom tops and kitchen counters. Colour combination can be customised.

Available in the following finishes: CLASSIC: 12,5±0,5 mm thick, Chamfered edges and semi-polished surface.

LIGHT LUX: 11 mm thick. Graniglia tile 20x20, calibrated, rectified. Chamfered edges and polished surface.

LIGHT MAT 11: mm thick. Calibrated, rectified. Chamfered edges and matt surface.

ROCK 'N ROLL: 11 mm thick through body marble. Antiqued handcrafted.

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  • Dimensions 20 x 20 cm
  • Finish Classic | Light Lux | Rock n' Roll | Light Mat | Light Bloom
  • Material Graniglia
  • Use Indoor, Outdoor, Walls, Floor
  • Collection Decorations
  • Made in Italy